We are a sports action operator in the field of cycling with the goal of connecting people who seek to expand their knowledge, experience and broaden their horizons in a unique way.



 DOMESTIQUE BIKE RIDES,was created and designed by Weyden Porto and Thiago Tiso to meet a growing demand for high end bike rental and assisted riding. With over 30 years of experience in sports and business, they have joined forces to develop a program that can meet the needs and desires of customers looking for this market. Allied to all this, DOMESTIQUE BIKE RIDES has a staff of trained and qualified professionals to serve each customer in a unique and personalized way in the best possible way.

DOMESTIQUE It is a French word given to athletes who serve professional cyclists in competitions. And that's exactly what we do here, we serve our clients in their experiences, whether on road cycling, MTB or group tours in the most professional and enjoyable way.